yes... you're right... yet another few pages to add to the largely fucking useless compilation of junk that makes up 'the internet'..!! i posted this site pretty much to create a little section of the 'ether' that is dedicated to my music... some of the other music that i like... and maybe a few photos... and stuff.

i flatter myself that i am a musician of sorts (primarily... a bass player)... i used to play in a couple of bands... though i pretty much make music on my own now. i do, however, get involved in a bit of internet collaboration... and what the hell... it's good fun, and there are some pretty amazing musicians out there.

i am an amateur everything... so don't be alarmed if any of this stuff doesn't end up anywhere but here... i can live with this if you can..

If you're nosey... there might be something more about me here, although I doubt it..!