Aliens Died Here


this is an interesting one... all three of the Guaco's on it too. Ash had some samples on his minidisc that i took and there was one that i particularly liked. however... i did use it and hammed the fuck out of it so that it became litle more than a shrill noise..!! still that's where it all started.

again... it was essentially instrumentally complete before the addition of a vocal by Dave... and there is a heavy emphasis on the 'primordial' feel to the bass and VSTi's... which i personally really like... and strangly... for me.. this one seems to hark back to the feel of 'the fault' (bottom left somewhere)...

the vocal i think speaks for itself..? and basically.. we are acting like we own the fucking planet... screwing it and bleeding it dry... when you know... something that was here before us may well just come back..?

interestingly... at the time of putting this one together.. i heard tell of the 'brown note' *chuckles*... a note that is so low in cycles that it resonates with the human bowel... 'wow' i thought... that'd be neat... having people literally shitting themselves at the thought of an alien revisitation..? how good would that be.

i didn't go for the whole 7 cycles thing that is alleged to be the 'key' but i have incuded a 14 cycle drone in the song... which oddly enough.. only shows it's presence, once it has stopped :)

i dunno... it is a nice piece to my ears... enjoy?