Bluto (ft Mike Kilillo)


this 'song' is a collaboration between myself and one Mike Milillo... a composer and saxophone playerbased in New York.

originally... i heard his tune Olive Oyl, and wanted to have a look at the bass for it, but rather than just try and replace the bass on it... asked him whether we shouldn't in fact try and come up with something new..? we agreed to have a go...

this is the product of that 'go' and it is pretty much a freeform jazz effort... with no real tonal root... time structure or rsolution to any of the phrases. it is... however... not without some form of 'patterened' approach on my part... as i did actually find it quite hard to completely loose myself of prior musical shackles... i still favour repetition etc in my playing, and find this a good source of experimentation.:(

in my honest opinion... Mike's sax playing makes this tune for me... it is both bold and withdrawat times... and he has picked up on many of the bass' nuances... which ia ppreciate enormously.

the mix is simple, and there is not much in it to colour the instruments... which is what we wanted of it... it is pretty much as live as i can get... with the addition of some 'room' or 'space' only... we are panned to the corners, and maybe a little too much..? however, i feel this adds to the depth of the room without making it sound like an empty oil tanker..!!

i love it..!! and i hope you do too..?

it is currently out in the public domain for feedback, and may well change as a result of this... but i dunno... we'll see...?