Comfort and Leather


all of the Hookah songs are 'band written'..!! usually during a rehearsal session... and are developed from either the guitar or bass lines. a couple of drummer changes mean that the songs selected on here will either be Andy or Dan. bass is me (Stu)... guitar is Darren Hobby... there are two vocalists in the band... David MacMillan and Peter Mather. all Hookah members are from in and around Newcastle upon Tyne.

on this occasion... Dave wrote the lyrics for the song according to Pete's ideas about what he wanted the song to be about... and basically... it's about sitting in a big black chair after finishing work... not what i think you thought..!!

after the lyrics were written... i guess Dave just waited until he heard something that he thought would suit... and along it cam in the form of a rock bassline and heavy beat. the guitar is mainly a lead... but again very heavy... lending the overall feel of the song well into a rock tune. powerful vocals from both singers, and some interesting bridges and breaks... including a bass solo designed to be played loud and live.

the drummer on this one is Dan... and again this was recorded at 1s Avenue studios, Heaton... and if i remember correctly... this may have been recorded on an analogue desk... so it doesn't have any of those 'micro-dubs' trying to correct every little 'bum note'... which i really appreciate... this is nearly a live song.