Crazy Bones


all three memberes of the Guaco Project are involved here, and again... with a variation in instrument origins (both VST and real). Ash Swan (keyboards player) came up with the original keyboard and drum tracks that formed the basis of the song before the bass was recorded along with some additional synths... vocals were written and added (by Dave) to it throughout the development of the song.

the keyboard itself is a loop, and consists of a simple pattern which ends in a kinda tremolo effect... it is played however rather than simply programmed.

the bass is a 5-string schecter... overdriven to the max. and consists of a number of 'jams' along with the keys and drums... i kept the ones i liked... replayed them and also superimposed some additional bass elements.

vocally... this seems to be where Dave is really at in his head... it is a bit 'quirky' but the message is still there... 'jump and come with us.. on a bit of a mad trip..!!'

when first mixed this was extremely heavy and wooley..!! it has since been revisited. and pretty much 90% of the bottom end needed to be rolled off in order to make the elements of the song audible... this was a tough job for me. i have also since this accidentally deleted all but the original audio recordings for this song, and am unable to revisit the mix without a couple of weeks work..!! ... so... this one will have to do