Empty Crowd


little to say really... Dave an Stu on this one... it was written over a long period of time, and for the picture below. the picture is also called 'empty crowd', and was painted by an artist who goes by the name of 'kissakuningator'... as such... the song is dedicated to her... thank you.. :)

the constuent parts invole some drone and crackle... with a bowed bass and a pizz bass on the a very low register, and played between even the half tones. the owed bass is very 'avant' and it was actually quite difficult to get the right kinda 'squeak' out of the stick bass... but i have something i like anyway. the vocal makes a dark tune darjer yet, but i really like it, and listening whilst looking at the picture is an experience in itself..!

that's it really..... enjoy..?