Doin' it for the Money


two memberes of the Guaco Project here, with a variation in instrument origins (both VST and real). the music for the song was pretty much complete (by me) before the vocals were written and added (by Dave) to it.

the basic setup is a drum kit... with a double bass line over it, some synth lines tabulated very short, and the addition of a VST piano... it's a bouncy song... but the lyrical aspect of it is a little 'down on things' maybe..?

there is a good anount of variaion in the song, and this gives the overall experience some kind of dynamic i think... and the mix is pretty good for me too... i might be improiving here...? fuck me..!!

if you listen to the lyrics for this song.. they really are quite funny... but there is a message in there too... handy that this song was written not long before the international financial 'pissing in the wind' contest started..!!

you wanna hear something funny..? i shoulda been doin' this for the money..!!!