well... didn't i just get the facts wrong in this decsription..? apparently i have one version of how this song came about in my head that just does not reflect the true facts... so... i am a little confused...!!

essentially... i know i wrote a bassline to go over a drum beat, and asked Jeff B if he could do a guitar line for it... to which he suggested that he could do a keyboard line for it too. now i must have asked Gem too... if she was able to contribute... which she did... and i must say i am pretty pleased about this.

it is actually quite surprising how all this turned out, and the simple fact that the gitars (whilst distinct) are similar enough to fit the song... they were, i think, recorded without the one hearing the other.

this was a twat to mix for me... it is a very 'busy' song... with a lot going on... many listens... much advice... but i got something that works at the finish i think..?

i do also have a vocal line for this... provided by Dave (the Guaco Project)... but getting this mixed in is beyond me at this point in time. and thereare also issues with musical conflicts, as whilst the music was building... it has become all the more difficult to listen to the vocal, and some of the buances in the instrumentation simultaneously... oh well...

never mind... i think it's ok...