The Fault


this 'song' is a strange one.. it was written (instrumentally complete) by Stu before a vocal was written and added specifically for the tune by Dave. it was also put together whern the Guaco Project was just those two members... before Ash came along.

to be honest... i am really pleased with this song still... and it is becasue of the way in which it was written. driven by an ambient recording of an electric bass... with some mad delay lines added to it... and the hard clicks you hear in the 'beat' are the actual strings thumps. over this lies a bouble bass line which is resolved into a loop... and a piano sample, and more electric bass sections.

before the vocal was added... and as an instrumental... the song is symetrical... that is (barring the intro and outro) it is a mirror image of itself as you look at the multi-track screen up to and beyond the half-way point. am sure this has some impact on the overall finished product... but really..? for the life of me... i have little idea what, and simply try and listen to it for what it is... a fairly dark, and meandering song..!!

the double bass was recorded into an anlogue 4 track using a home made piezo pickup, and nothing by way of premplification... but a good nopise reduction of the desk. it has since been 'cleaned' to improve the overall audio quality of the experience, and the song has also been remixed many times as a result. i think that was why the song has the addition of a vinyl crackle..? to mask this at some point, but it does give the song an old feel and has been left in place now.

the vocal.. taken in two separate takes... with some detrimental effect to my mixing of it... kinda speaks for itself... although can be a little inacessible at time i guess... i like it... it does tell a woeful story.

the most flattering remark anyone ever made about this song was that it 'took them to an interesting place..!' which to me... is the perfect response. see what you think..?