is a collaboration betwen myself, Saladin de Tolosa in france, and a guitarist called Richard John. i initially supplied the bass for this song after the basic guitar tracks were posted as two separate loops on Sal's 'collaboration web-site... Kryptic Musik Ltd.

basically, i supplied three loops for this on the upright bass... verse... chorus... bridge (in which a more elaborate line is played behind Richard's guitar solo.

Sal then recorded the vocal over this collage... and the whole thing took shape from there... i think with the addition of some keyboard lines too..?

there area couple of mixes for this song... i did this one, whilst there is a separate mix available on Sal's site... it is a little faster than mine, as i preferred the more 'laid back' feel to the slower tempo. i also gave this an old vinyl crackle... just for the hell of it.

i think they are both well worth a listen... so pleased do check Sal's version out too.