freaK: A Love Song


this 'song' is a collaboration between myself and a bloke called Ed... (just realised now that i don't actually know his second name... but he also goes by the name of wavephonic)

it started life as me stretching and distorting a few samples... laying them over a very simple drum beat with the addition of some overdriven bass. the bass has an overlay of a high end 'squeal'. the drum beat has a lot of 'room'.

it is not a typical song set-up by any means, and lacks any real formal structure. the addition of some synth sounds... notably a stretched scream, and the vocal track are Ed.

the lyric was written between us... and it too, as an actual vocal track is distorted to quite an extreme level... with the addition of a down pitch shift 'under-dub'

overall... the song is experimental... was written and mixed pretty quickly, and there is also a version available on Ed's site... here

at one point in the development of this song... we actually did talk about how we could make the overall finished product so 'unlikeable' as to make people uncomfortable commenting on it in a positive way... but this didn't work at all..!

finally... is it a love song..? well of course it fucking is..!! i love it anyway..!!