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all of the Hookah songs are 'band written'..!! usually during a rehearsal session... and are developed from either the guitar or bass lines. a couple of drummer changes mean that the songs selected on here will either be Andy or Dan. bass is me (Stu)... guitar is Darren Hobby... there are two vocalists in the band... David MacMillan and Peter Mather. all Hookah members are from in and around Newcastle upon Tyne.

on this occasion... the bass was written, and brought to the drummer and guitarist, but the whole track was pretty much written after this point in a single session and just 'tidied up' as and when. Andy is drumming.

it is a fairly standard track... with a slower but still upbeat funky feel to it. it is notable for its melodic guitar line... drifting in and out.

this version of the song was recorded at 1st Avenue studios in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. the engineer was Dave Curl... their web-site is available here.