MadHouse 16-4


my Canadian pal/bloke 'Ed' and myself decided we would try and put together some form of collaboration that was a little odd and aggressive in nature. well... that was the idea at the time...

Ed sent me the most bizarre bassline and beat that i could possibly have imagine to try and work with... and after a while of listening to it in my office... some things started to creep into my head.

i basically just sat and played anything that came into my head as the original trackwent through a loop... made some decisions about what i liked and didn't like... then spliced some of this together to form a single idea... replayed some lines back into the mix, and programmed a few VST's to sit behind this stuff.

it then went back to Ed as a set of bass tracks... with some additional VST tracks for good measure... whereupon he set to mixing it... but at some point an aditional 'sloppy' and 'metally' bassline was delivered for the end of the track... which he thought sounded a little lacking.

this is the finished product... a kinda fusion of styles and noises... anything in here that has a vaguely musical theme is incidental to the desired overall feel of the track, and purposefully sits in the background with the intention of hinting at something a little more 'able'..?

i like it... pretty much... i think Ed likes it too... i was a challenge. i wouldn't have liked to try and mix this one myself... as it is a very very 'busy' track... with a lot going on at times. give it a 'spin' and see what you make of it..?