this is a solo project, and was an attempt to create a more ambient and 'roomy' soundscape. quite sucessful really in that i wanted it to sound like 'musical pipework' on/in an empty warehouse or ship of some kind.

it is also a collection of VST instruments... without the addition of any 'real' instruments... although i have since contemplated the addition of some guitar lines... and i think i do actually have some weird slide guitar noise lying around somewhere from NIgel Potter... but have just never had the time to play around with it.

i may do one day..?

overall... i like it... i find it very moody and easy to listen to...

...i am not convinced however that i am imposing my intial goals for this song on it 'after the fact' so to speak... and it is so long ago that i wrote this... it would be easy to just assume that this is what i was aiming for... this is the kind of thing that troubles me with music, and also the reason why i have a million 'experiments' stored, where i begin with an idea of a theme or mood and try to reproduce it.

oh well... enjoy..?