two members of the Guaco Project here again... Dave and Stu... and this is as close you'll get to a live recording as we will ever do i guess.

the vocal was already written, but no melody was written for it... and after some jamming on the double bass... a line came about that the song was sung to... this waS recorded there and then... complete..!!

only after this... and during a proper session to record this was a drum track added to give it a more jazzy feel (the drum track weas programmed by Dave to sit behind the bass). apart from this.. all tracks are straight... single takes... warts and all..!! there are also backing vocals in the mix

to be honest... Dave knows more about the meaning of this song than me... he was born on a sunday, and i imagine that this has some special meaning for him that still escapes me..? the lyrics are very interesting though.

as far as a genre goes... we like to call this stuff 'parody jazz'... neither of us are great jazz musicians, but i love listening to jazz, and as a rule play outside the rules sometimes... and this just seems to work for me here.