this is a solo project, and came about as a result of a lighthearted bet.

it is a collection of VST instruments... with no 'real' instruments in the mix at all. all the strings and horns are 'tweaked' to death here, and there is the addition of a load of synth sounds... and some of them prettty close to 'presets'.

the bet:

i was watching a TV program called 'strictly come dancing' and recall laughing at a bloke called John Sergeant... who couldn't dance to save his life.. but was such a hit with the public that he just stayed in the competition for ages. i suggested that i could write a piece of music that he could look good to, and there you go... no going back.

anyway... this is the outcome of that bet... and i dare say that, looking back, am not too sure that he could actually dance to it either..?

i would however like to see someone dance to it... it was written in a way that kept the music quite 'straight' and does need a visual element... to be honest though... i have no idea who to approach.. or how... to get this piece of music into a routine. if you have any ideas... please let me know